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Syrians pour across the border after crackdown

Source : Bassem Mroue and Selcan Hacaoglu | AP
BEIRUT | 13 Jun 2011


'Spy' in Egypt immigrated to Israel from US

Jeffrey Heller | Reuters
JERUSALEM | 13 Jun 2011


As Libya burns, Qaddafi plays chess

Source : Agencies
MOSCOW | 13 Jun 2011


Talks between Yemeni opposition and VP stall

Mohammed Ghobari | Reuters
SANAA | 13 Jun 2011


Turkey's Erdogan vows consensus after victory

<cite>Source : Agencies</cite>

Ankara : 13 Jun 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's AK Party has scored a resounding third consecutive election victory, but he will need to seek consensus to push ahead with a planned new constitution.

Erdogan, whose AK has transformed Muslim Turkey into one of the world's fastest-growing economies and ended a cycle of military coups, won some 50 percent of the vote in Sunday's election.


Syria’s army seizes back restive town after mutiny

Source : Bassem Mroue | AP
BEIRUT | 12 Jun 2011

Elite Syrian troops backed by helicopters and tanks have regained control of a town where police and soldiers joined forces with the protesters they were ordered to shoot — a decisive assault from a government prepared for an all-out battle to keep power.


Afghan-Pak transit trade pact to be enforced soon

Source : Reuters
ISLAMABAD | 11 Jun 2011

Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to enforce a long-awaited transit trade deal that would help war-ravaged Afghanistan boost its economy, Pakistani government officials said on Saturday.


Fighting with militants in Yemen kills 40

Source : AP
SANAA | 11 Jun 2011

Yemeni soldiers battled militants Saturday in an attempt to drive them from several southern towns under the control of hundreds of the fighters. The clashes killed 40 people on both sides, officials said.

In a twist, the army commander leading the campaign to drive back the militants is among several top military figures who have turned against the country’s president and thrown their support behind the massive protest movement pushing for the leader’s ouster.


Deadly bomb kills 15 Afghan civilians: May deadliest month

Source | Reuters
Kabul | 10 Jun 2011

Fifteen Afghans, most of them children, were killed by a roadside bomb on Saturday, as a report from the United Nations said May was the deadliest month for civilians in the country since the U.N. mission began compiling statistics.

The Interior Ministry said eight children, four women and three men were killed when a bomb hit their vehicle in the Haji Lahore region of southern Kandahar province.


Rival Yemen protests call on Saleh to resign, return

Source : Reuters
SANAA/ADEN | 10 Jun 2011

Tens of thousands of Yemenis took to the streets of the capital on Friday in parallel protests — one demanding the country’s wounded leader surrender any claim to power, another calling him back home.

The rival demonstrations over the fate of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, forced abroad for surgery after an attack on his palace a week ago, highlighted the volatility of a country which Western nations fear could slip into chaos and give Al-Qaeda a regional foothold.


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