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Fresh battles between Yemen troops, tribesmen

Source | AP
SANAA : Yemen | 02 Jun 2011

A Yemeni army officer who defected from President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s camp says government forces and armed tribesmen who sided with the opposition have fought new street battles overnight in the capital Sanaa, leaving dozens killed and injured.

The officer also says that thousands of armed tribesmen have fought the Yemeni army about 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the city in an effort to push toward Sanaa.

He says the tribesmen captured 30 soldiers from the elite Republican Guard but released them later. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity, which is customary among the military.

A Sanaa resident, Talal Hazza, says government forces continued shelling positions of pro-opposition Sheik Sadeq Al-Ahmar’s tribesmen in the capital’s Hassaba neighborhood on Thursday.


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