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Wise sayings of Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

My teacher Muhammad Afandi from Khuchada said: “Don’t call anyone to the tariqa, nor chase anyone away after he has come.”

Source : Books by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

The one who wishes to obtain a good harvest works without rest spring and summer. Such a person achieves his goal.

The world is the tilth for the Akhirah. Plough the field for it.

The ability to be in a moderate position in everything is an art.

Again and again repentance. Do not be prideful and don’t forget to repent. No matter how great the sins may be, tauba will wash them away from one who believes in Allah and the prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

Shaykh AbdurRahman Hajji from `Asab said: “It is not he, to whom a calamity has come who has fallen into it, but he to whom calamity has come and has not shown patience”.

The shepherds say: “On a clear day, even little girls can herd sheep, the shepherd is needed for the flocks in bad weather.”

Abul Hasan Shazili, rahimahullah, said “An action of the heart the size of a speck of dust, is better than an action of the body the size of a mountain”.

It is better for those who have gathered for the recitation of zikr to read it loudly in one voice. Just as a hard rock needs a strong hit [to be broken], hearts that are harder than rocks will get more feeling from a loud recitation of zikr.

The Mumin has three fortresses for protection from Satan: The mosque, zikr, and reading the Qur’an.

Just as there is nothing higher than Allah, there is nothing higher than the science of coming to know God.

Pridefulness is a sign of feeble mindedness in a person. What does the slave of the Most High have to be proud about? From what he was born and from where he came into this world?

If one’s worldly condition decreases from frequent distribution [of wealth], the mercy of Allah does not decrease.

The one who says “I know” is ignorant. Ibn Abbas said this many times. May Allah help the whole Ummah of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, to follow the knowledgeable people.

A person should not be like a leaf, wafting in the wind.

The tariqa is the servant of the Shari’a, that is to say, it is its tool, adorning it.

One who is rich in ‘Ibadah will be rich, and one who is poor, will be poor.

The ability to speak a lot is not an art.

Whoever has more virtue than evil, no matter who he may be, is a complete person.

Religion and government are like twins, you cannot raise and nurture one without the other.

My ustaz did not promise me paradise, but he taught me the deeds and actions which lead someone to Heaven.


It is a great joy for the heart, that Islam will clear itself like a cloudless sky.

May Allah not make us famous amongst the people, being referred to as Alims.

After the blinding of the heart, what is seen and heard does not help.

Kashfu (miracles) are of two types - Nuri, that is Godly, and Zulmi, satanic.

My teacher Muhammad Afandi from Khuchada said: “Don’t call anyone to the tariqa, nor chase anyone away after he has come.

All benefit is in following what came before, and all harm is in following the modern innovations.

Don’t rely on your life if they say you’re still healthy. Death does not need you to have an illness for it to come to you.

The Judge’s decision is still ahead, let the garbage be heaped up on the pile.

Better to have an enemy with dog-like ways, than a friend who is cunning like a foх.

If you don’t train the calf, you won’t get a bull. From childhood teach yourself ibadah.

If the ability to read is a science, then adherence to knowledge is its goal.

This world is a tillage for the hereafter, and there is no need for payment, so long as you’re alive.

No one will be pleased with the harvest of an unplanted seed, and bygone days will not return to us.

Wealth destroys a person, customs destroy religion, whoever is fooled by the world, forgets the Akhirah.

What kind of assessment is due to the traitor, who spouts honey with his tongue, but stings with a stinger.

Amassed wealth will throw you into the fire if, having wed yourself to injustice, you divorce yourself from the truth.

If you want to raise cattle on pearls, they will eat only hay. If you scatter bags of gold before them, they will trample over them.

The soul is something unknown to everyone except Allah, in as much as He never gave anyone knowledge about it.

To be a Murshid, karamat (supernatural abilities) is not a condition. Only a few of the sahabas and the tabi`in possessed them.

Shaykh Hamzat Afandi from Tlyakh, having seen a kashfu, said: “Astaghfirullah. This is not my aim, but [my aim] is to come to know You, my Allah.”

When they talked about a woman who knew about the life after death, Muhammad Afandi from Khuchada, quddisa sirruhu, said “Those who she sees are not dead people, my son, but iblises. Those who are in heaven they show to be in hell, and those who are in hell, they show to be in heaven."

Whoever can’t handle one or two bites from the bees, how will he be able to eat the honey in the cells.

The more honey you pour in, the heavier the receptacle. Branches bend from the weight of the fruits. I find lessons on the tongues of the ‘arifun (those who have come to know Allah). When I’m hungry, I fill up by listening to their words.

То separate the impurity from the honey, endow, oh Allah, the people of tariqa.

Just as a bread softens under the butter, so does the callous heart of a ‘Alim, having read the “Ihya”.

Dreams are flowing to the east and the west, Allah is looking at a dark corner in his house (where Namaz is being performed).

As long as the doors of repentance are open, the one who walks into them will be pleased.

Just like a beautiful, but bitter fruit, dear to a person is this perishable world.

The Muslim who endures wealth and hides his poverty today is taken for a fool.

If you have the intelligence to advise others, know that when you will be in need, intelligence will be had by someone else.

What can be done? Nowadays we have become such, that the measurement between good and evil is lost.

The undesirable amassment and efforts of other people will certainly bring you harm.

Its not enough to learn sciences and possess knowledge, you must follow it. May Allah make us followers of what we know.

Get used to writing, oh talented young people. Your sharp quill is a strong weapon if it is used where it is needed.

War for the sake of ruling the world or for wealth is not a ghazwah, but a fitna.

They say when the river’s overflowing it gathers sand, Muslims, who have the ability, should go for Hajj.

Don’t be too lazy to remember Allah more. Only zikr of the tongue will pave a way to the heart.

Don’t postpone taubah until the next day, after all, you don’t know if you will live to see tomorrow.

Without having attained the pleasure of the King of kings, you will not win in battle with the kings of this world.

The times are changing, people are hardening, but the world will not be short of righteous people.

Not everyone who has returned from Hajj is a Hajji, don’t forget, many poor people at homes receive reward equal to that of going on Hajj.

A sick body will not get well just from touching the clothes it wears. A tarnished heart, likewise, does not become clean from listening to religious stories.

Ibadah performed unwittingly, is like the seeds thrown out on the ground.

Saying that you sin, is not good enough not to do good deeds.

Fame and fortune, acquired by one’s self, are better than those which come afterwards. They will not leave you, if you thankful.

The one who is not indebted to people, though he may be poor, is rich.


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