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Widow who brought up three visually impaired children named as Egypt’s ideal mother

Sabah Hamza Hassanein (L) has a market stall and sent all three blind children to university. (courtesy of Al Bawabah)
A widow, who has brought up three visually impaired children and sent them all to university, has been chosen to be the nation’s ideal mother.
Egypt’s Solidarity Ministry, which has responsibility to provide social justice for all, including disabled people, made the selection of Sabah Hamza Hassanein, from the village of Meet Ghamr in Dakahlia, north east of the capital.
Sabah, who has a vegetables stall at her local market, has been raising her two sons and daughter, who are visually impaired, on her own since the death of their father.
She has been able to send the three siblings to Al Azhar University in Cairo to learn theology.
The 59-year-old mother, who married 40 years ago, said: “My husband continued to support me and told me always that it was god’s will and a test to our patience. He insisted they go to AlAzhar to learn the Qur’an,” she was quoted as saying by Arabic Eqyptian online news site, Masrawy.
Sabah said she would wake at dawn each day to prepare food for her children to take to school. They often made the journey to school on the back of a donkey.
While they were at school, Sabah would spend the day at her stall in the market. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will attend the ceremony to honor her. 
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