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US 'mostly failed' to achieve goals in Iraq, Afghanistan: Poll

Fifty-two percent say the US has "mostly failed" to achieve its goals in Afghanistan

Source : Presstv / 1 Feb 2014

A majority of Americans believe that the United States failed to achieve its goals in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new national survey.

Fifty-two percent say the US has "mostly failed" to achieve its goals in Afghanistan while 38 percent say it has "mostly succeeded," the USA Today and Pew Research poll showed.

About the US-led war in Iraq, 52 percent of respondents say their country has "mostly failed" in reaching its goals there, while 37 percent say it has "mostly succeeded."

"What is especially interesting about these responses is that the public has continued to update its views on Iraq and Afghanistan despite the fact that these wars have received virtually no attention at all from our politicians over the past couple of years," political scientist at Ohio State University Christopher Gelpi said.

"This shows that the public is more attentive to costly wars than we might expect, even when politicians try to ignore the conflicts," Gelpi added.

Meanwhile, a majority of respondents criticized the US military action in Iraq.

Views on the failure in Iraq differ little across party lines. However, there is division over the Afghan war with more Republicans than Democrats calling it the right decision.

The public’s critical assessment stands in contrast to opinions in 2011 after al-Qaeda-leader Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed by the US in Pakistan.

In June 2011, 58 percent said they believed the US would achieve its goals in Afghanistan.


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