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UK mulls banning energy drinks for children in England

The British government has announced plans to ban the sales of energy drinks to children, amid growing concern about the impact that the high-caffeine, high-sugar drinks are having on young people’s health.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement on Thursday that consultations will begin on imposing a ban on sales of energy drinks over the health concerns.
“With thousands of young people regularly consuming energy drinks, often because they are sold at cheaper prices than soft drinks, we will consult on banning the sale of energy drinks to children,” May said in her statement. 
The announcement said that adolescents in Britain consume around 50 percent more energy drinks than their counterparts in Europe, adding that a quarter of six to nine-year-old children and around two-thirds of those aged 10 to 17 consume energy drinks.
It said the government would consult various parties for 12 weeks on how it should impose the ban and at what age it should be applied. The ban would only cover children in England and other parts of the UK will be free to set their own policies.
Studies have suggested there are certain links between the so-called energy drinks, which are high in sugar and caffeine, and a range of health issues, including obesity. The potential ban in England would affect drinks containing 150 milligrams of caffeine or more per liter.
The UK government enforced a tax in April on all soft drinks containing high levels of sugar. Some retailers have already imposed a ban on sales of energy drinks to children aged under 16. 

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