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UAE climbs up passport rankings, now 7th most powerful

Nearly three weeks after making the leap to the 8th most powerful in the world, the UAE passport has risen yet again in the ranks to the 7th place.
Citizens of the UAE can now enter 159 countries worldwide without a visa or with visa on arrival.
The UAE's passport ranking score is 159 in the Passport Index, with UAE's citizens allowed to travel to 112 countries without a visa, and to 47 countries with visa on arrival.
39 countries still demand visa from UAE citizens.
Latest visa-agreement 
This comes on the heels of a diplomatic memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the UAE and Mexico on visa exemption. Citizens with regular passports of both countries have been allowed visa-free entry.
The agreement for visa-free entry between Mexico and UAE will come into effect on October 31.
Citizens can remain in either country for no longer than 180 consecutive days.  
Passport Index
The UAE is now tied for 7th place with Estonia, which also scored 159. 

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