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Sheikh Bayazit Khayrullin - Russian renown scholar and spiritual mentor

The renowned theologian Bayazit-Sheikh Khayrullin
The renowned theologian Bayazit-Sheikh Khayrullin was born in 1871 and grew up in Ufa. His military service Bayazit-Sheikh completed in Vladikavkaz, where he showed himself as a honest and trustworthy Muslim.
Seeing the religiousness of the young man, the commander of the military unit offered him his help in obtaining Islamic education. He gave Khayrullin the direction to study in the madrassas of Orenburg, where sheikh studied for three years, after which he returned to Vladikavkaz to become a local imam.
Bayazit-Sheikh Khayrullin had two marriages. From his first marriage he had four children. After a long illness with tuberculosis the theologian's wife passed away. In the second marriage Bayazit-Sheikh had two children, one of whom died at the age of seven.
In 1918 Bayazit-Sheikh from Vladikavkaz moved to Makhachkala, where until 1950 he worked as an Imam. The Soviet regime in 1933 deprived the Imam of all his property and the house of the theologian were confiscated.
Various religious publications of his time mention about piety and religiosity of Bayazit-Sheikh Khairullin.
The theologian had many followers and disciples from different regions of the country - he taught all who were willing to study the religion of Islam.
In 2016, a Ziyarat in Tarki village cemetery, outskirts of Makhachkala, where Bayazit-Sheikh is laid to rest, was restored and one of the local mosques is named after him.

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