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Saudi Shura wants Islam-compliant sports education for girls

Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council

Source : Saudi Gazette / 10 Apr 2014

The Saudi Shura Council demanded the Ministry of Education on Tuesday to study adding physical fitness programs for girls in government schools in conformity with shariah.

Private schools were allowed last year to start sport classes for girls. The Council called on the ministry to coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education to lay down suitable training programs for female teachers, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

In a statement following the session, Assistant Chairman of the Shura Council Dr. Fahhad Mu’tad Al-Hamad said the Council listened to several comments supporting and opposing the recommendation.

The supporters of the recommendation said diseases due to obesity are increasing in Saudi society especially among women. The opponents said that many girls schools don’t have enough facilities and infrastructure for sports.

However, the Council’s Education Affairs and Scientific Research Committee said approving the recommendation does not go against Shariah. It referred to a previous fatwa by the late Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz permitting sports for women as per Shariah conditions.

The Council voted with a majority to approve the text of the recommendation.


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