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Russians care less about social status than before - opinion poll

In 2009 it was important to 78% of the polled, and now, to 68%

Source : Itar-Tass / 29 Sep 2014

Over the past ten years Russians have lost much of their concern about the social status they enjoy and their creative self-realization, as follows from the September 20-21 VTSIOM opinion poll, published on Friday.

According to the pollster Russians’ number one priority these days is security, material wealth and health - of their own and of the whole family. Just as ten years ago 98% of the respondents placed these factors above anything else.

Russians’ attention to the environment at the place where they live has dwindled noticeably. Ninety percent said this is a matter of concern for them - five percent less than in 2005. Eighty percent (five percent less than ten years ago) care about the climate of their area.

The economic and political situation in the country is important for respondents to a far lesser extent than it used to be in the past. In 2005 it was in the focus of attention of 91%, in 2009, of 93%, and now, of 87%

Social status is far less important to Russians than 5-10 years ago. Whereas in 2005 it was important to 85% of the polled, now it really matters for 75% Similar changes have occurred to the people’s attitude to their creative self-realization. In 2009 it was important to 78% of the polled, and now, to 68%

Participation in social and political affairs is the least important of the priorities the sociologists offered to the polled audience. It is of some importance to only half of the respondents (49%).

VTSIOM polled 1,600 men and women of age in 42 territories of Russia. The statistical error was no bigger than 3.4%


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