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Royal turtle: World’s second oldest animal dies in Cairo at age 280

Egypt’s royal turtle was allegedly the world’s second oldest animal. (

Source : Al Arabiya / 26 Apr 2013

A turtle considered to be the second oldest animal in the world died this week in Egypt’s Giza Zoo at the age of 280, a local newspaper reported Thursday.

King Farouk, who became the ruler of Egypt in 1936, dedicated the ancient turtle to the zoo, reported the privately owned daily Youm 7.

According to the newspaper, the deceased tortoise is considered to be the oldest animal on earth surface after India’s "Adwaita " turtle residing at a zoo in Calcutta.

The royal turtle death stirred up reactions between Twitter users, who added a political taste to the incident.

“The following things are extremely old, always rumored to be dying, and never never die: King Farouk's turtle, Hosni Mubarak, Cairo, Egypt,” said Twitter user Tom Gara.

“Wow, everything from his era is quickly fading,” said user Amr Ali in comment on the turtle’s death.

The turtle survived the eras of “[King]Farouk, Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak, but couldn’t stand Mursi’s reign, one Twitter user said, referring to presidents who ruled the country before President Mohamed Mursi.”

An official told the newspaper the turtle’s death was caused by health problem that affects animals due to old age.

Giza Zoo was established in 1891 and is considered to be the biggest in Egypt, the Middle East and the African continent.


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