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Muslim woman became teacher in Harvard

Harvard School

Source : / 23 Oct 2013

Muslim woman scientist from Baltimore Intisar A. Rabb has been appointed as the leading expert in Islamic law and legal history by the professor of jurisprudence at Harvard Law School. It is reported that she will begin her new work at the faculty in the spring of 2014.

It is worth noting that Intisar has six brothers and sisters. She was born in Baltimore in the typical African-American family. In her early childhood she realized that she have to work more comparing with other ethnic groups to achieve something.

In 1999 Rabb graduated Georgetown University with a degree of bachelor in government and the Arabic language faculty. In 2005 Muslim defended a master's degree in Middle Eastern studies in Princeton University. After that she defended her doctoral on "History and operation of legal principles in Islamic law".

Dean of Harvard Law School March Minow says that Intisar Rabb will become a valuable asset to their educational institution.


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