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Launch of first Kazakh Earth remote sensing satellite successful

Rocket launch at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana

Source : / 01 May 2014

The launch of the first Kazakh Earth remote sensing satellite KazEOSat-1 was carried out at the French Guiana spaceport on Wednesday, the National Space Agency of Kazakhstan (Kazcosmos) reported.

The launch of the satellite that was postponed for a day due to unfavorable weather conditions was successful - it was carried out at 01:35 GMT Wednesday.

Kazakhstan's first ever Earth remote sensing satellite was created under a contract between Kazcosmos and the French company Airbus Defense and Space. KazEOSat-1 has a high spatial resolution - one meter, the field of view of 20 kilometers. The satellite's capacity is 220 thousand square kilometers per day. The satellite's mass is some 900 kilograms and on-orbit lifetime is at least seven years.

With placing into orbit the medium space resolution satellite KazEOSat-2 and beginning of the operation of the ground-based satellite data receiving and processing complex, Kazakhstan hopes to create its own Earth remote sensing system. The project is implemented for ensuring the republic's independence in getting online monitoring information and Earth remote sensing data for the needs of the economy sectors, as well as for defense and national security tasks, ITAR-TASS reports.

In this connection, Kazcosmos said, the preparation for the launch of the Dnepr carrier rocket has begun at the Yasny launch pad outside Orenburg (Russia). The rocket is to place into orbit the second Kazakh Earth remote sensing satellite - KazEOSat-2 tentatively in June, 2014.


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