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KSA has world’s least cases of medical malpractice

Established at a cost of SR 2 million, it is called “Turjuman,” which is Arabic for “translator.”

By Nadim Al Hamid / Arab news / 20 Mar 2014

According to Subhi Baterjee, a Saudi health expert and chief of the Saudi German Hospitals Group, Saudi Arabia records the least cases of medical malpractice in the world.

Speaking to Arab News during a press conference he held yesterday at the group’s main Jeddah hospital, he said that Saudi Arabia has the best and cheapest medical services in the MENA region. 

“We have the best quality medical care in the region and the best medical equipment and technologies,” he said.

He said that he has recently launched a specialized company, the first of its kind with the aim to correct the perceptions about Saudi Arabia, and to highlight the developmental, urban, and cultural achievements of the Kingdom.

Established at a cost of SR 2 million, it is called “Turjuman,” which is Arabic for “translator.”

“It is incumbent upon every citizen to stand up and fight the misconceptions about Saudi Arabia and to counter the unfair criticisms that tend to debase the Kingdom’s achievements, as we sometimes see on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApps, and other social networks,” he said.

He added that Saudi Arabia has made big strides in many fields and made its presence felt on the international and regional stage. 

“It has restructured the labor market, and begun allocating houses for its citizens. 

It has implemented huge projects to expand the two most holy sites in Islam, the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Mosque in Madinah. 

It has built more than 30 airports across the country. And of course many people come to Saudi Arabia from overseas to receive outstanding medical treatment,” he said. 

“We have partnerships with the ministries of Information and Interior, to arrange medical visas for people who want to come to Saudi Arabia specifically to receive medical treatment,” he concluded.


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