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Kaaba cloth cover being dusted off every fortnight


Source : Arab news / 19 Mar 2014

Employees of the Kaaba cloth factory roll up their sleeves spending four hours every fortnight to clean the cloth covering the Kaaba to ensure it is free of dust from the ongoing expansion projects in the Holy Mosque. Employees work around the clock to meet the project deadlines of the expansion of the holy mosque. 

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Bagedo, general manager of the factory said, “We have intensified the cleaning of the Kaaba cover every two weeks owing to the expansion projects taking place in the Haram. The delicate silk fabric of the cover will be affected by the collection of dust and dirt and thus it is important to clean it from time to time.” 

“We use special brushes with smooth bristles which will not erode the silken weave of the cloth. It is then wiped down with pieces of damp cloth where the Qur’anic verses embroidered in gold and silver are also cleaned,” he added.

Lastly, employees vacuum and wash the surface of the Kaaba with water and disinfectants to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.



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