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Jeddah to host first ‘Textile Arabia’ show

Ihram for men and abayas for women form a large section of this expanding market

Source : IINA / 25 Mar 2014

Jeddah is set to become a local and regional focal point for the rapidly expanding textile industry. Yesterday, the first “Textile Arabia” exhibition started at Jeddah Center for Events and Forums.

It is the Kingdom’s premier international exhibition for apparel, machinery, clothing, printing, fabrics and accessories. Al Harithy Company for Exhibitions (ACE) announced that the new annual event will bring together 120 leading manufacturers, international exhibitors, experts and industry decision-makers from Saud Arabia, Pakistan, Taiwan, UAE and Italy. Zahoor Siddique, Vice President of ACE, said “the creation of this important new exhibition for the country’s textile industry comes as manufacturers are preparing to make massive investments and because the Saudi textile market is experiencing unprecedented growth created by the explosion in population and the huge surge in the property market.”

Organized by ACE in collaboration with the textile and clothing committee at JCCI, Textile Arabia 2014 will occupy 40,000 m2 of total area of exhibition space. Textile Arabia will focus on the immense market potential as a comprehensive event representing all areas of the transport, import / export and manufacturing cycle. According to Siddique, the Saudi textile standing currently at more than SR10 billion and its imports are increasing at 13-15 percent annually. Ihram for men and abayas for women form a large section of this expanding market due to the increasing number of Haj and Umrah pilgrims. Tents and towels are also in great demand.

 The dedicated textiles machinery and accessories show will be a one-stop shop for decision-makers within a wide range of businesses. These include textiles and fabrics, fibers and Abayas, Thoubs & Ghuthras, leather goods, home furnishings, textile dyes and treatments as well as machinery & related services. Mohammed Al Shehri, chairman of the textile and clothing committee at JCCI, said “the aim of this exhibition is to introduce the techniques and modern production methods that are used internationally and to boost the national industry by opening doors for new job opportunities for the youth in this sector and enhance their competitiveness in the garments’ sector.”


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