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Iranian scientists make fresh water using solar energy

The machine absorbing atmosphere humidity in seaside cities and producing fresh water is one of the researchers innovations

Source : Agencies | 20 Dec 2012

Researchers at Islamic Azad University made it to the production of a fresh-water-producing machine using solar energy; and a smart, unmanned, high-speed watercraft.

The machine absorbing atmosphere humidity in seaside cities and producing fresh water is one of Islamic Azad University researchers’ innovations, Mehr News Agency reported. 

This machine is built in 3 trays, each with specific parts and equipments. Humid air enters the machine from the middle tray. Then, after the air passes through the cold sink used for condensation, the humidity is turned into water, and the dry air moves to the upper tray to enter the atmosphere after passing through a heat sink.

Next, after the water is disinfected by using a UV lamp, it is stored in the lower tray, where flavorants could be added to give the water a better taste.

The solar panel makes it possible to produce fresh water at times of earthquake and flood when there is no instant access to fresh water and no electricity around.

The design and production of a smart, unmanned, high-speed watercraft named Araiana with composite body is yet another of the Iranian researchers’ projects.

High maneuverability, smart processing, live video transfer of the environment, and high escape speed are among the abilities of the watercraft with a water-jet propelling unit.

The watercraft’s max speed is 30 knots, equal to 54 km, and the maneuvering speed is 25 knots, equal to 41 km.

The watercraft also enjoys smart processing and programming from the shore for missions, and is able to transfer videos live. Also, this type of the watercraft is able to carry a 4-kg load, and can be used in the military and tourist sections.


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