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Hijab? Still Needed? Why?

“The most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” Holy Qur'an (49:13)

Source : World-Insights / 31 Dec 2012

The term “hijãb—الحجاب”  literally means a cover, curtain or screen.Until the Imperialists invaded Muslim Countries and the Muslims started mixing with non-believers, all our Muslim women walked in this world with great respect and dignity. The non-believers were finding it very difficult to come anywhere near the border of our Muslim sisters purity.

Allah (SWT) states in Holy Qur’an:

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).” Holy Qur’an (49:13)

The non-believers planned to destroy their barrier through removal of Hijab (Hejab, Hijaab) and unfortunately, many of our sisters, without realizing what shame and destruction they were bringing to themselves, removed the Hijab (Muslim Veil) and exposed themselves.

First of all, Allah has Said in His Quran:

“But no! By your Lord, they have no Faith, unless they make you judge in all disputes between them, and then find in themselves no resistance against your decisions and accept with full submission in Islam.” [Noble Quran 4:65]

The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Verily, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from people but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars, such that when He leaves no scholar left, the people will turn to the ignorant as their leaders; then they are asked to give religious verdicts and they deliver them without knowledge, thus they go astray and lead others astray.” [Sahih Muslim]

“And as for women past childbearing who do not expect wedlock, it is no sin on them if they discard their (outer) clothing in such a way as not to show their adornment. But to refrain (i.e. not to discard their outer clothing) is better for them. And Allaah is All‑Hearer, All‑Knower” [al-Noor 24:60]

Islam has strongly emphasized the concept of decency and modesty in the interaction between members of the opposite sex. Dress code is part of that overall teaching.

“And tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to [those relatives who fall within bounds of close relationship explained in the Qur’an]…” (Chapter 24an-Nur (the Light),, Verses 30-31).

One of the most common phrases in Islam is the ‘Paradise lies at the feet of the mother’. And Allah (SWT) states in Holy Qur’an:

“And your Lord has commanded that you shall not serve (any) but Him, and goodness to your parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you, say not to them (so much as) “Ugh” nor chide them, and speak to them a generous word.” Holy Qur’an (17:23)

It is reported that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) once asked his daughter: ”What is the thing, which is a blessing for a woman?”

She (as) replied, “She must not see a strange man and the strange man should not see her”. The most important message of this tradition is that of Hijab. A woman must cover herself and preserve her modesty in such a manner that neither does she come into unnecessary contact with Na-Mahram men, nor do they come into unnecessary contact with her!

Today, we find that there are three kinds of Muslim women:

1. One who do not wear Hijab at all and their most usual argument to justify their action is that: ‘As long as our hearts are pure and clear, we do not have to put on any Hijab.

2. The second kind is of those who put on Hijab but not properly. They either don’t wear it properly – Or they consider Hijab as a passport to freely see and communicate to the strangers.

3. And the third kind is of those women who not only cover themselves, but they are extremely careful in their dealings with the strangers.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allaah is Ever Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Ahzaab 33:59]

Human beings must distinguish themselves from animals by decent and disciplined behavior. But how many of us take this life with the seriousness it deserves? All of us originated from one father and one mother and belong to one big family, but it is unfortunate that many of us live without any sense of collective responsibility. We are one community and the action of one-person will not only reflect on other individuals but also the whole community.

Allah (SWT) states in Holy Qur’an:

“Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between! If it had been Our wish to take (just) a pastime, We should surely have taken it from the things nearest to Us, if We would do (such a thing).” Holy Qur’an (21:16-17)

What are the disadvantages of discarding Hijab?

1. Becoming an easy target of anti-social elements.
2. Causing great stresses, insecurity and suspicion in the minds of husbands, ultimately disturbing the familial harmony.
3. Instigating young people to deviate towards the path of lust and immorality.
4. Giving rise to cases of divorce, adultery, rape and illegitimate children.

What are the advantages of observing Hijab?

  • 1. Confidence in social participation as human being and not as sexual commodity.
  • 2. Guarding one self from the lustful looks of men.
  • 3. Not diverting people’s attention from constructive social work.
  • 4. Improving the moral character of the society.
  • In conclusion, women can achieve true dignity and experience true emancipation by observing Hijab and not by discarding it.

Hijab (Modesty) is also for Muslim Men

“Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts; that is purer for them; surely Allah is Aware of what they do.” Holy Qur’an (24:30)

To cast down one’s glance, means not to look in a fixed way, not to stare. The sentence means, “Tell the believers not to stare at or flirt with women.”

Allah (SWT) has given equal rights to both men and women; He forbids either sex claiming supremacy over the other. Allah (SWT) states in the Holy Qur’an:

“The most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” Holy Qur’an (49:13)

Allah (SWT) states in Holy Qur’an:

“Except those who believe and do good and remember Allah much, and defend themselves after they are oppressed; and they who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back.” Holy Qur’an (26:227)


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