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Famous Indian Composer Reverts to Islam

Several media reports have spread rumors about Raja’s reversion to Islam.

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 11 Feb 2014

A famous Indian composer has revealed that he has reverted to Islam, adding that he is proud of the decision which got his family’s support.

"Yes, I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah,” Yuvan Shankar Raja posted on Twitter, Times of India reported on Monday, February 10.

“My family supports my decision and there is no misunderstanding between me and my dad," he said.

Several media reports have spread rumors about Raja’s reversion to Islam.

Yet, the news was only confirmed by the son of legendary music director Illayaraaja on Saturday on Twitter.

A source close to him has revealed that Raja has reverted to Islam almost a year ago following the death of him mother.

"Yuvan was very attached to his mother and soon after she passed away, he started missing her a lot,” the source told Times of India.

“He also met a spiritual guru, but we cannot say what exactly made him follow Islam," he added, maintaining that he was not inspired by fellow composer AR Rahman who had reverted to Islam.

Finding Islam, the famous composer started performing daily prayers.

"He has been doing namaz (prayers) five times a day all these months. He is not missing his prayers even when he is at work and ensures that he allots time for it at his studio as well," said the source.

"Currently, he is planning to convert to Islam and is also thinking of going for a change of name. But, he is yet to decide on these. Since it is his personal decision, his family members respect it," the source added.

There are some 140 million Muslims in Hindu-majority India.


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