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The door of the Kaaba remains one of history’s mysteries

Since it came into being and till now, it is still one of the mysteries of history.

Source : Al Arabiya | 03 Aug 2012

Since it came into being and till now, it is still one of the mysteries of history. It is the door of the Kaaba. There is no documentation of its initial shape or what its builders looked like. There is, however, one indisputable historical fact: the Kaaba had two doors for a long time.

“Today the door of the Kaaba rises above the surface of the Grand Mosque with about two meters and 20 centimeters. Its current height is three meters and 18 centimeters. The thickness of the door, including height and breath, is 222 centimeters long and 171 centimeters wide,” Nizar al-Shaibi of the al-Shaibi family (custodians of the Kaaba) said.

Tending to the Kaaba’s door is an honor many Islamic rulers throughout different eras were keen to get. They used to write their names under the 99 Names of God and they have never spared their gold and silver when it came to the Kaaba’s door. The door and its key are tended to by al-Shaiba, the keepers of the key in accordance with Prophet Mohammed’s will.

“The custody of the key always goes to the eldest of our family then passes to the next eldest and so on. We have the key of the Kaaba and the shrine of Prophet Ibrahim. We enter the Kaaba and clean it with rose water. We wait for the governor who starts the cleaning process followed by the guests he brings with him. They wipe the walls of the entire Kaaba followed by the walls,“ Abdul Qader al-Shaibi, head key-bearer of the Kaaba said.

The components of previous doors of the Kaaba are kept in several museums as Islamic treasures. King Khaled bin Abdul Aziz was the ruler who gave the most to the Kaaba’s door.

“This door was commissioned by the Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines King the late King Khaled bin Abdul Aziz. It consists of gold block manufactured in Saudi Arabia. Quranic verses and King Khaled’s name were engraved on the door,” Dr. Ahmed al-Morei, professor at Umm al-Qura University said.

The door of the Kaaba is sacred for one billion and a half people across the globe. The rest of the planet’s inhabitants eye this door with reverence and appreciate its beauty while always looking for an answer to the mystery.

The Kaaba is one of the most venerated places for Muslims. That is why they always give it a special care particularly as far as cleaning it. The Kaaba, clad in the best of silk attires and adorned with a door of gold, is a piece of art.


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