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Americans say US should draw back from world stage – poll

Only 38 percent approve of President Barack Obama's handling of foreign policy

Source : Voice of Russia / 03 May 2014

Almost half of Americans want Washington to reduce its role on the global stage, in a marked change from past decades, a Wall Street Journal poll finds, according to RIA Novosti. "Nearly half of those surveyed want the US to be less active on the global stage, with less than one-fifth calling for more active engagement - an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines," the poll says.

In 2001, just 14 percent of Americans said they wanted Washington to be less involved in the world policy, while 37 percent of the polled said their country should take more active actions.

Today, 47 percent and 19 percent of respondents, respectively, think the same way, while 30 percent are satisfied with the current level of Washington's participation in world politics.

Only 38 percent approve of President Barack Obama's handling of foreign policy, the lowest mark of this tenure. The findings "portray a public weary of foreign entanglements and disenchanted with a US economic system that many believe is stacked against them," the article says.

Some 36 percent of respondents said President Obama is too careful and allows other countries to control the world events, while 15 percent said he is too pushing and creates problems in relations with other states, with 42 percent saying he shows a balanced approach.

The results come as the Obama administration accused Russia Tuesday of continuing to meddle in Ukraine in defiance of US and European sanctions.

Russia maintains it reserves the right to protect the ethnic Russian speaking peoples of Ukraine.

The poll, conducted on April 23-27, involved 1,000 adults, including 300 respondents with a cell phone only.


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