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Ahmad Shahawi: A master of Tunisian mosaics

Mosaics are a traditional art of Tunisia.

Source : / 20 Dec 2013

Ahmad Shahawi is one of the few artists who has devoted his life to mosaics. He has been involved in mosaic production for 35 years. What makes his pieces distinguishable is his personal passion and ambition to find the appropriate stones for mosaics.

Noting that he personally puts remarkable efforts into find natural stones, Shahawi said, "The critical component of mosaics are certainly the stones. I myself go to Jibal, Widyen and Keriye - Tunisian towns where the most suitable stones are found for mosaic production. I insist on searching for the best stones. I come across many people who see a man roaming through stones for hours and consider me a crazy man."

This art is exhausting and may sometimes be dangerous. First I have to collect stones, then I decide to on what to do, because what I would generate totally depends on what stones I have. The Tunisian artist does not only create masterpieces with stones, he at the same time enjoys the power of writing. The plaque on which the Tunisian national anthem is written is just one of his works. The objects on which mosaics can be made is not restricted to plaques, as vases can also be used.


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