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57% of road accident victims are teachers and students: Study

File photo shows a van totally wrecked during an accident in Abqaiq.

Source : Arab news / 22 Feb 2014

Around 57 percent of road accident fatalities involve teachers and students, according to a latest study.

Conducted by a local daily, the study said male and female teachers accounted for 35 percent of these fatalities and students 22 percent.

The figures reflect the long distances traveled by some teachers and students on roads that are unsafe.

According to the latest data released by the Disabled Children’s Association (DCA), 35 accidents involving disabled persons are reported daily, with an average of 20 fatalities.

According to other studies, more than five people involved in accidents daily end up with permanent disabilities.

Traffic accident rates are highest in the 20 to 30-year age group, which represent around 51 percent of minor incidents, while 42 percent sustain injuries and 38 percent are fatal, studies showed.

Around 53 percent of drivers involved in accidents are prison inmates who have reached the intermediate level or less at school, while injured drivers represent 44 percent of the total number of accidents.

Around 41 percent of drivers involved in minor accidents are university or higher degree holders and 58 percent of fatality victims were found to be undergraduate degree holders, the study said.

Road fatalities have cost the Kingdom more than SR79 billion.

Costs incurred as a result of minor and serious injuries were estimated at SR170 million and SR135 million respectively, the report said.

Car damage costs are also estimated at more than SR6 billion.

Statistics released by the General Directorate of Traffic show that the Kingdom records 23 deaths for every 100,000 people, with an average of 19 road fatalities occurring daily.

Experts said the rate of traffic accidents per individual in the Kingdom is much higher than in developed countries.

They said there are approximately 7,100 road fatalities every year, while 38,000 individuals sustain serious injuries and seven percent end up with permanent disabilities.


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