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21 August, 2022

Kazan, August 11, 2022

Tatarstan can become a launching pad for the introduction of Islamic banking in Russia, the region has all the prerequisites, Kamil Samigullin, chairman of the Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

10 August, 2022

Makhachkala, August 8, 2022

Dagestan Muftiyat launched a republican contest on the book “Sheikh Saifulla-kadi Bashlarov. Life and work”.

The competition consists of three stages. The first stage was held on August 7 at the place of residence of the participants.

The second stage will be held on August 14 in cities and regional centers. The final stage will take place on August 21 at the Central Juma Mosque of Makhachkala.

10 August, 2022

Kazan, August 5, 2022

Tatarstan Mufti Kamil Hazrat Samigullin met with the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Chairman of Muslim Religious Administration of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Chairman of Muslim Religious Administration of Primorsky Krai, Jamal Hazrat Garifullin and his deputy Siren Hazrat Garifullin, on Friday this week, Islamtoday reports.

07 August, 2022

Chernogorsk, August 4, 2022

The construction of a mosque in Chernogorsk started on this week. It will become the second Muslim place of worship in Khakassia. Mayor Vasily Belonogov reported on the event on social networks on August 3: “Today I visited the beginning of the construction of the Muslim Mosque, where representatives of the Islamic diasporas laid the first brick of the future building. The doors of the Mosque will be open not only for Muslims living in Chernogorsk, but also for all guests.”

07 August, 2022

Moscow, August 4, 2022

The Bank of Russia plans to start piloting an Islamic banking project in Chechnya and Dagestan in 2023 and, together with the Ministry of Finance, is preparing appropriate amendments to the legislation, Interfax reports.

07 August, 2022

Bolgar, July 29, 2022

The All-Russian Forum of Muslim Youth is held these days in Bolgar. The event is dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bolgaria. About 200 young Muslims from 18 to 30 years old from different parts of Russia and abroad take part in the forum.

07 August, 2022

Makhachkala, July 31, 2022

Senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov visited the Spiritual and Educational Center named after the Prophet Isa (peace be upon him), where, accompanied by the head of the region Sergey Melikov and the mufti of the republic, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, he got acquainted with the construction of a grandiose social facility, NNT channel reports.

07 August, 2022

Simferopol, August 1, 2022

Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin went on a working trip to the Crimea. At the invitation of the Mufti of the Crimean Tatars, Emirali Haji Ablaev, he arrived in Simferopol to participate in the events dedicated to 60th birthday of the Crimean mufti.

07 August, 2022

Donetsk, July 28, 2022

The priority for the education of Muslim youth from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) will be shifted from Arab countries to Islamic educational institutions in Russia. Rashid Bragin, chairman of the Muslim Religious Administration of DPR, told reporters on Wednesday this week.

28 July, 2022

Kaluga, July 27, 2022

The registry office in the Kaluga region registered the birth of 767 babies in June: 392 boys and 375 girls. The department named the most popular names given by parents to newborns last month, reports Kaluga-poisk.ru.

Among boys, the first three popular names are Artyom, Muhammad and Maxim.

Varvara and Sofia are the most popular female names. Then go Anna, Victoria and Alice.


28 July, 2022

Moscow, July 27, 2022

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (SAMR), Mufti Albir Krganov, addressed the film director Nikita Mikhalkov with a request to create a film about the friendship of peoples and religions in Russia, TASS reports.

28 July, 2022

Donetsk, July 26, 2022

A group of Muslims from the community of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) together with pilgrims from Russia made the hajj to Mecca for the first time this year. It was reported on Tuesday by the Ministry of Information of the DPR.

26 July, 2022

Moscow, July 26, 2022

The Russian Orthodox Church has the best relations with Muslims, Patriarch Kirill believes. “By the grace of God, we can testify that the Russian Orthodox Church has the best relations with the Islamic community,” the Patriarch said in a sermon after the liturgy in the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God on Red Square. “God forbid that this continues."

26 July, 2022

Moscow, July 21, 2022

The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (SAMR) claimed its support of the introduction of Islamic financial instruments in the Russian Federation. A positive result of the relevant bill may be the opportunity for Russians to introduce new forms of financial management, Albir Krganov, head of the SAMR, told RIA Novosti.

26 July, 2022

Makhachkala, July 21, 2022

Russian Grand Mufti Talgat-hazrat Tajuddin visited Dagestan last week, Islam.ru reports. The most important event in the program of the visit of the Chairman of the Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia was the meeting with the Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi.

26 July, 2022

Moscow, July 25, 2022

Albir Krganov, head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (SAMR), Mufti of Moscow, expressed support for the deputy’s initiative to create public councils on television, theaters and cinema.

Nikolai Burlyaev, deputy head of the State Duma Committee on the Development of Civil Society, Issues of Public and Religious Associations, a member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture, informed Interfax on Monday about the preparation of the relevant bill.

21 July, 2022

Kazan, July 20, 2022

Events in memory of Valiulla Hazrat Yakupov, an outstanding religious figure, educator, publisher, founder of the Iman publishing house, teacher, historian and imam-hatib of the Apanai mosque were held in Kazan, Islam.ru reports.  

21 July, 2022

Makhachkala, July 19, 2022

The Supreme Mufti of Russia, Sheikh-ul Islam Talgat hazrat Tadzhuddin arrived in the Republic of Dagestan on July 18, the press Office of the the regional Muftiyat reports.

18 July, 2022

Simferopol, July 18, 2022

The construction of the Cathedral Mosque in Simferopol is to be finished on November 30. It was announced by the representative of the general contractor of the project. “Work on the construction of the Cathedral Mosque in Simferopol will be completed on November 30 this year,” the contractor said.

18 July, 2022

Nalchik, July 15, 2022

A new cathedral mosque is planned to be built in the city of Nalchik in Kabardino-Balkaria. The decision was made on July 15 during a meeting between the head of the republic, Kazbek Kokov, and the authority of Muslim Religious Administration of Kabardino-Balkaria. The parties decided to set up a working group to clarify the issue of building a mosque and create a road map, REGNUM reports.

18 July, 2022

Penza, July 14, 2022

The forum “Tatars of Russia: National Identity and Religion” began its work on July 14 in the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, “Penza-press” reports.

The holding of the All-Russian forum is part of the program of celebrating the 1100th anniversary of the official adoption of Islam by the peoples of the Volga Bolgaria.

18 July, 2022

Kazan, July 13, 2022

The All-Russian traditional archery tournament “Tugan Batyr” to be held for the first time in Tatarstan, Islam.ru reports, The tournament dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bolgaria to take place on July 22-24, 2022 at the Yelabuga settlement on the territory adjacent to the ancient Bolgar mosque of the 10th century.

18 July, 2022

Kazan, July 14, 2022

Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan summed up the results of Eid al-Adha in the republic in 2022. Due to the high level of preparation and organization, the great Muslim holiday caused genuine joy not only among Muslims, but also among the entire multinational population of the republic.

18 July, 2022

Moscow, July 13, 2022

The Russian citizens, regardless of age, are to be banned to propagate non-traditional relations, said Alexander Khinshtein, head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications.

13 July, 2022

Luhansk, July 12, 2022

Muslims of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) celebrated one of the most revered holidays in Islam - Eid al-Adha. About 200 believers gathered in the Luhansk Cathedral Mosque this year, Islam.ru website reports.


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