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A young Muslim creates unique prototypes of mosques out of matches

Grozny, March 17, 2021

Khadija Ismailova from Grozny creates incredible miniature mosques using ordinary matches. Khadija’s first and favourite work was the Heart of Chechnya mosque in Grozny. When asked what mosques she would like to build in the future, Khadija named the mosque Al-Haram, which is located in Mecca and the Masjid al-Nawabi (Mosque of the Prophet ﷺ), located in Medina.

Khadija says that it is her favourite creative work, and many collectors, organizers of exhibitions and museums have great demand for her works, that are sold at a price of 100,000 rubles or more.

If you look at the works of Khadija Ismailova, it will be difficult to believe that she does them without any special tools.

“To begin with, I go to some object, take photo of it from different angles, and draw an approximate diagram of the structure. Next I create the frame and do further work. In construction work I use nothing but 2 knives, cardboard and glue”, says the Muslim girl.



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