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Yelabuga mosque offers daily iftars for 250 people

Throughout the whole month of Ramadan Iftars (breakfast) will be organized in the cathedral mosque of Yelabuga city in Tatarstan. Meals for 200 - 250 believers will be served on daily basis, the Yelabuga muhtasibat reported.
"We started preparing for the holy month of Ramadan in a few months advance, because at during Ramadan a lot of people visit the mosque. Iftars will be organized every day. Separate tables will be laid for both men and women," said Halim Hazrat Shamsutdinov, imam-mukhtasib of Yelabuga district.
Today, the "Jami`" mosque still undergoes repair work. Thanks to donations, the premises for the Iftars were repaired here, including the corridors, ceilings and new carpets were laid. Those who want to assist in iftar organisation for the fasting believers can approach Imams and contribute in the way they can afford. 

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