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World’s largest Quran exhibited in Tatarstan

World’s largest Quran exhibited in Kazan, Tatarstan, 20 Nov 2011

Source : Cihan News Agency / Kazan / 20 Nov 2011

In memory of Bulgarian Tatars' conversion to Islam in 922, world's 2 meters wide, 1.5 meters in height largest Quran weighing 800 kilograms is being exhibited in the Republic of Tatarstan's capital city of Kazan.

Ordered by former Tatarstan president and state advisor Mintimir Saymivey, the head of Tatarstan Historical Artifacts Rejuvenation Foundation to Italian Reverra Company, the cost of the Quran is being kept as a secret.


At the reception organized for the arrival of the Quran in Kazan, following the Quran recitation and takbirs Saymiyev in his address to audience "On behalf of our cultural and spiritual world, today is a significant day. This Quran is a nonesuch in the world. We are witnessing an historical moment. I felicitate those who contributed," said.


World's largest Quran, due to its unique and artistic features is also enlisted in the "Cultural Heritage List" by Russian Ministry of Culture.


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