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Women have entered the police ranks in Saudi Arabia

"We need a female staff in our work"- says the head of the commission

By / 6 Sep 2013

"The Commission on the promotion of virtue and prevention of sins", the religious police in Saudi Arabia, is going to take in the numbers of women. According to the head of the ultraconservative Saudi organizations Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, this is a pretty bold for the kingdom solution and it is supported by the top leadership of Saudi Arabia.

"We need a female staff in our work- says the head of the commission. - We often find ourselves in an awkward position in public, when it comes to the fairer sex". It is assumed that the new employees "will work in hospitals, schools for girls, women's clubs and shops," ITAR-TASS.

However, the role of women in the work of the commission will be severely limited. The employees will not be able to have posts the same with men, to drive a car. It is known that Al-Sheikh could not exactly name a date for the appearance of Saudi women police officers. "This plan has opponents - he said, - whose views are different from ours on the work of local women in the police force ..."


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