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US launches cyber war against Iran, Russia and China: Expert

US officials participate in cyber warfare classes at the US Air Force Academy, Colorado.

Source : Presstv / 21 Feb 2012

An expert has revealed that the United States has launched a widespread hostile cyber warfare against Iran, Russia and China.

The United States, Russia and China are in a race to build the world’s most formidable armory of computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other tools in order to engage in cyberwarfare between themselves and lesser-developed nations, said Scott Borg, CEO of US Cyber Consequences Unit and an advisor to the US government, NBC News reported on Wednesday.

Borg said the US considers both Russia and China as a threat in the cyber world, taking into consideration “Russia is best at military espionage and operations…and China's main focus is stealing technology.”

"The Russians are technically advanced. The Chinese just have more people dedicated to the effort, by a wide margin - they are not as innovative or creative as the US and Russia. China has the greatest quantity, if not quality,"Borg said.

The analyst goes on to say that the US has already begun to attack computer networks in other countries, citing malwares like Stuxnet and Flame for its attacks on Iran’s nuclear energy program.

US-based Mandiant Internet security firm confirmed that US government “cyberwarriors” have collaborated with the Israeli regime to disrupt Iran’s nuclear energy program by attempting to infect its computer networks. Some European governments, including Germany, were reportedly also involved in the anti-Iran effort.

Meanwhile, “Iran is developing a serious capability… a cyberarmy" which would present a formidable power to developed nations whose countermeasures may prove futile, Borg concluded.

This comes as the US has spearheaded several rounds of Western sanctions against Iran in recent years, based on the unfounded accusation that Iran is pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program.


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