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Tyumen Mufti urged girls not to wear mini-skirts

Tyumen Mufti urged girls not to wear mini-skirts

Source : / 11 Apr 2013

With the weather becoming warmer girls should be more careful in choosing their clothes, said Fatih Garifullin the head of Kaziyatski Administration of Muslims of Tyumen region.

"It is necessary for their safety, and in order not to provoke men. A man may be released from prison, and when he sees a girl wearing a short skirt, he can lose control and something irreparable can happen "- F.Garifullin said according to Interfax news agency.

He noted that the modesty in clothes during warm period should apply to all women, regardless of their religion.

"Last week I was in Egypt. Thirty-degree of heat, there is a woman - young or old – in a long dress and scarf, walking with dignity. But what do we have - short skirts, shorter T-shirts, shoulders and backs with tattoos, " - stated the mufti.


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