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Turkey warns ties will worsen without Israel apology

Source : Agencies
Ankara | 22 Aug 2011

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Saturday that relations between Turkey and Israel can not be normalised if Israel fails to comply with the steps expressed in UN Security Council Presidency statement.

"Relations will not remain as they are now, they will detoriate even more," Davutoglu said while responding to the questions of Anadolu Agency correspondent on the sidelines of his visit to South Africa.

Asked to comment on the Palmer Report, which is expected to be released soon regarding Mavi Marmara attack, Davutoglu said if wrong opinions were brought to agenda regarding the Mavi Marmara attack in Palmer Report, Turkey would open those opinions to international law.

"I mean this file will not be closed upon a report," Davutoglu said, noting negotiations were still underway on the report.

Davutoglu said there was no change in Turkey's position regarding the Mavi Marmara attack, and noted that Turkey wanted the steps, included in the UN Security Council Presidency statement, to be taken.

Davutoglu said Israel last year many times came to the point of meeting the demands of Turkey, however later stepped back basing on some reasons.

Davutoglu said some negotiations were carried out upon Israel's message to Turkey that they were ready to meet the demands.

Diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel have been in crisis since Israeli commandos staged a deadly raid on the international aid flotilla trying to reach Gaza to break an Israeli blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Nine Turkish nationals were killed in the raid, and Turkey says its once-close relationship with Israel can only be restored with an apology for the murders. Until now, Israel has refused.

According to Turkish diplomats, Ankara could further downgrade its representation in Tel Aviv. It maintained a charge d'affaires there after recalling its ambassador following the May 2010 raid.


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