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Turkey may finance mosque construction in Samara

Samara, October 7, 2019

The Turkish government is interested in Russian city of Samara as a potential partner region. The adviser of Turkish Ambassador to Russia Mustafa Gunduz shared this topic during the Volga Investment Summit in Samara.

According to him, one of the possible options for cooperation could be financing mosques and other places of worship for Muslims in Samara.

“We will be happy to cooperate in this sphere. For example, the entire interior of one of the major mosques in Moscow was funded by the Turkish government”, said Mr. Gunduz.  

The Volga Investment Summit and World Halal Day in Samara took place on October 3-5. The event was finished with a grand culinary holiday, during which Samara residents tasted a twenty-meter long shawarma.

There are five small and one cathedral mosque in Samara now. One of the buildings, that is on Alexey Tolstoy Street, is an architectural and historical monument.


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