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Tatarstan opened 18 new mosques this year

Kazan, December 27, 2019

18 new mosques were opened in Tatarstan in 2019, the press office of Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan reports. The new mosques appeared in Aktanyshsky, Apastovsky, Arsky, Bavlinsky, Buinsky, Mamadyshsky, Muslyumovsky, Nurlatsky, Sabinsky, Spassky, Baltasinsky districts, as well as the Soviet district of Kazan and the village of Nazyar, Agryz district.

It is noted that one of the long-awaited mosques was opened in the colony settlement №17 in the village of Digitli, Mamadysh district. Thus, today all the correctional institutions of the republic are provided with mosques.

There were opened 3 Muslim centers in Tatarstan this year as well - the Kamaliya leisure and development center in Chistopol, the Ahmadzaki Hazrat Safiullin Muslim educational center in Nurlat, and the building of the Ihlas mosque in the village of Vasilievo, Zelenodolsky district.


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