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Tatarstan Muftiyat summed up the results of Eid al-Adha festive

Kazan, July 14, 2022

Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan summed up the results of Eid al-Adha in the republic in 2022. Due to the high level of preparation and organization, the great Muslim holiday caused genuine joy not only among Muslims, but also among the entire multinational population of the republic.

Students and the elderly, the disabled and the homeless, orphans and single mothers, families with many children and low-income families - all of them, who were looking forward to Eid al-Adha, received sacrificial meat as a gift and food aid, regardless of their national and religious affiliation.

This year about forty places were organized in the republic for the rite of sacrifice, controlled by the local Muslim communities of the Tatarstan Muftiyat, including 17 in Kazan. All sacrificial rams in the places of slaughter have passed sanitary control and veterinary treatment. On the days of sacrifices, the disposal of biowaste was provided as well. In total, in the Republic of Tatarstan 13,396 head of cattle were sacrificed.

In addition to the indicated number of sacrificial animals, the Zakat Charitable Fund of Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan, as part of a social initiative, additionally sacrificed about 250 sheep to provide for the needy.



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