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Tatarstan holds republican Koran Contest

Kazan, February 27, 2021

A team contest on the knowledge of 30-th Juz of the Koran among Muslim educational organizations has ended at the Center for the Training of Hafiz of the Koran in Tatarstan. The event was organized by the Kazan Islamic University, Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Center for the Training of Hafiz of the Koran named after Uthman ibn Affan.

The contest was attended by 10 teams from madrasahs and universities of Tatarstan, as well as the Kazan school “Usmania”. The members of the jury of the competition were the head of the Sharia Department of Kazan, Bulat Hazrat Mubarakov, the representative of the World Organization for the Learning of the Koran, Ibrahim Hazrat Sabirov, the head of the Koran reading project in the Kul Sharif mosque and the White Mosque, Ramazan Hazrat Kuramshin.

The competition was held in five stages, during each stage the jury asked questions to one member of the team. Thus, all participants demonstrated their knowledge by heart, and most importantly, the correct reading of the 30th part of the Koran. Bulat Hazrat Mubarakov, head of the Sharia Department of Kazan, noted that such contests stimulate young Muslims with a great desire to memorize the Koran.

“I am very glad that more and more Muslims instill in their children a love for the Koran from childhood. They like their children to study the Koran and learn its meaning. We see that the level of students is different, but at the same time I want to say that the main thing is that each student shows diligence and consistency in studying the Koran, and it will surely yield the results”, said Bulat Hazrat.


One of the organizers of the contest, director of the Koran Hafiz Training Center, Abdurrashid Hazrat Faizov, expressed the opinion that the Koran competitions are a good impetus for students to further study.

“Since all madrasahs educate future imams, who are considered to read the Koran correctly and beautifully, we decided to hold this competition. It will become an impetus for them to further studying of the Koran, so that they increase their level of knowledge and in the future be able to teach the parishioners of their mosques”, Abdurrashid Hazrat emphasized.

All participants in the competition received gifts, and the winners were awarded monetary awards, the website of the Kazan Islamic University reports.



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