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Tatarstan creates the image of a new Muslim superhero

Kazan, April 15, 2022

Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan presented the Tugan Batyr project aimed at creating and popularizing the image of a new Tatar hero among children and youth.

The authors of the initiative decided to create a new Tatar hero Tugan Batyr so as to tell the younger generation about family values ​​that they lose when they leave their father’s house and find themselves in multicultural conditions.

The image of the hero is embodied in the fairy tale book “Legends of Tugan Batyr”, the author of which was the Tatar prose writer and playwright Zulfat Hakim. Despite the bodily strength and broad shoulders, the strength of the Tatar batyr (brave, hero) lies primarily in a quick wit, thanks to which he manages to defeat and ridicule his enemies.

The creators of the project believe that a good legend can become a real modern blockbuster, and awaken in children the desire to be like Tugan Batyr and worthy sons of their people.

The authors plan to make the tale of Tugan Batyr multi-volum. The first book is already being prepared for publication. At the same time, the creators are to make an audiobook, a computer game, a cartoon, comics, souvenirs and a quest show, in which it is also planned to embody the image of a new Tatar hero - Tugan Batyr.



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