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Swiss Muslim Group to Launch National TV Channel & Muslim "Discount Card"

By IslamToday & Agencies |27 Jan 2012

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) has announced plans to set up an internet TV channel, while it is also in talks with various companies to provide its members with a Swiss-Muslim discount card.

The new TV studios, due to become operational this summer, will play host to a political show, a weekly series on a range of topics seen from a Muslim perspective, and a sermon series, newspaper SonntagsZeitun reports.

Sermons are to be given mainly in German, but also in Arabic, Bosnian and Albanian. German subtitles will also be available.

The ICCS is also working towards providing its members with a card that will give discounts of up to 15 percent at a variety of outlets including fitness centres, restaurants and shops.

ICCS president, Nicolas Blancho (pictured), is said he is expecting the insurance company Helsana to give a reduction of 10 percent on insurance premiums, the newspaper Tages Anzeriger reported on Sunday.

ICCS is also trying to raise enough funds, primarily from the Gulf states, to enable the construction of a 20-million franc ($21 million) prayer centre in the capital Bern.

With three storeys, the planned mosque would be the biggest in the country. In addition to a prayer room for 270 men and 174 women, plans show that the building would have conference and training rooms, shops, underground parking and a garden.

ICCS mainly Swiss convert Muslims. It was founded two and a half years ago by a small group of young Swiss converts to Islam in the light of the referendum to ban the construction of minarets.

The ICCS is considered by its critics in Switzerland to be a fundamentalist organization.

Writing in Monday's Tages Anzeiger newspaper, the president of the Forum for a Progressive Islam, Saïda Keller-Messahli, said the ICCS represented "the worst Islam had to offer" and was causing "lasting damage to Muslims in Switzerland" with its bid to create "a parallel society".

ICCS has about 2,000 members, and has organized several controversial rallies in Bern. At its latest demonstration in October, the organisation chose a symbol reminiscent of the Jewish Star of David to draw parallels between the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and Muslims in the Alpine country of today. The move deeply offended the Jewish community.


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