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Seminar on Hajj held for Crimean pilgrims

Some 300 people attended Seminar for Muslims wishing to go for pilgrimage to Makkah this year, held in the central mosque of Simferopol Kebir-jami.
Deputy Mufti of Crimea Aider Ismailov conveyed to the assembled Muslims greetings from Mufti Haji Emirali Ablaev, and wished the pilgrims a successful hajj. In the parting word, he asked the pilgrims, on the sacred lands of Mecca and Medina, not to forget to make dua (prayer) for the people, for the homeland, for the Crimea.
"This year pilgrims are coming from all over the Crimea. It's gratifying to see that there are a lot of young people, women. It is advisable to perform Hajj in youth in order to be filled with the power of faith at the dawn of life and to cherish this valuable gift thoughout one's life," said Ismayilov.
On behalf of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol, Aidar Ismailov thanked all those who render assistance in organizing the hajj for Crimean Muslims, in particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputy Ruslan Balbek, the Crimean Health Ministry, the State Committee of the Republic, supervisory bodies and personally Head of the Crimean government Sergei Aksenov.
Sergei Tsyganov, a spokesman for the Russian Consumer Protection Agency, told the pilgrims about the mandatory observance of personal hygiene rules, as well as about precautions when eating foreign cuisine.
"Be sure to wash your hands with soap, do not use camel's milk and unboiled water, drink only bottled water. After returning from the Hajj also you need to pay attention to your health, as many of you will turn to the doctor," Sergei Tsyganov said.
He also advised pilgrims to familiarize themselves with the list of medicines that are banned from being imported into Saudi Arabia.
"In order to carry your drugs across the state border, it is necessary to get a medical certificate from the clinic or hospital about your diagnosis for presentation at the border," Tsyganov added.
All Crimean pilgrims have received obligatory vaccination.
Pilgrims are advised to carefully prepare for the trip, check the documents, as well as to clarify whether there are debts or state levies (overdue credit payments, penalty, etc.), which can become grounds for prohibiting travel abroad.
As part of the seminar, the teachers of the Islamic Sciences of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea instructed future pilgrims about the stages of the pilgrimage, what rituals to go through. The Muslims were given practical advice and briefed on how to prepare for the journey, and also what should not be done while on a pilgrimage, where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are gathered at the same time.
Departure of pilgrims from the Crimea is planned for the period from 03 to 11 August.
In 2018 the haj-operator of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol AVN-TOUR will send 600 people. Pilgrims are divided into groups, they will be accompanied by specially appointed group leaders, as well as two doctors.
Return flights to the Crimea are scheduled for August 28.

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