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In search of stolen Quran

Source : Omar Nuhov
Makhachkala | 07 Jul 2011

(IslamDag) - Heart of any Muslim cannot be indifferent to the Quran and therefore, with the hope for understanding and help of all who get this message, we search for hand-written Quran of village Chuni of Levashinsky district, Dagestan.

The unique Quran which was kept away from anti-religious bodies during the communist regime in USSR, when mosques were closed and the religious literature was destroyed, could not have been protected presently.

Then the rural big hand-written Quran was taken for custody to his house by a villager Hapiz. Having restored it partially, for further reliable storage, Hapiz sent the Quran to an operating mosque in village Akusha. But after finding on its first page an inscription mentioning that it is a property of the village and should not be taken out of Chuni, the book was returned back to its village. Thus, Hapiz stored the Quran in his house till his death. After his demise, the book on the request from village elders was stored by his children in the same house till 1994.

In 1994 celebrations on the occasion of opening of the renovated mosque the Quran was transferred to the village mosque. Eleven years later, on the night of 17th November 2005 the Quran was stolen from this rural mosque.

Villagers many times applied to find the Quran to investigatory and other bodies, but to no avail. They didn't cease to search for the relic and property of all village, and continue the search till today. The villagers even ready to redeem the rural sacred property if it already is in the hands of so-called secondhand dealers or collectors with gratitude.

They constantly pray to Allah and hope that He will make someone of us worthy the best compensation for assisting to return the Quran to the village mosque. Everyone who responds to this search can be that recipient.

Here is the description of the big hand-written Quran of village Chuni of Levashinsky district, Dagestan, Russia:

The size of the Quran: 30–35 x 40-45 cm.
It is written on a satiny paper like that on which printed old money. It is written by black ink. There are colored (flower) punctuation marks on pages along the edges and in the text. On the first page by thin cursive black ink is written about an interdiction to take out the Quran from village Chuni boundaries. Probably, this inscription is cleaned, or this sheet is pulled out. Cover leather with imprinted patterns along the edges. One part of cover is made longer so that it clasps in front and almost covers the opposite side of the cover. The back part of a cover has been considerably damaged and was glued by Hapiz with a black leather. This leather, probably, is removed and made more professional restoration.

Let us join the villagers in their prayers: «O Allah, please set on true way those who have stolen this hand-written Quran, and fill their hearts with repentance. O Allah, help us to find this Quran and reward those who assist us in it». Amin!


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