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Saudi Haj Minister to meet with Haj service providers

Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar inspects Haj facilities in Mina and other holy sites on Wednesday. (SPA)

Source : Arab News | 06 Sep 2012

Saudi Haj Minister Bandar Al-Hajar will hold an open meeting in Makkah today (Thursday) with owners of a number of local Haj companies to discuss problems and difficulties facing them.

Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for Haj and Umrah Fadl Al-Jihouri expects the Haj Ministry to approve the setting up of a council to coordinate work between the ministry, the committee and the Tawafa establishments that organize Haj trips for pilgrims. “The council will play a big role in representing the domestic pilgrims and participate in resolving problems encountering them,” he told the Dammam-based Al-Sharq newspaper.

Al-Jihouri did not favor the proposal to merge all domestic Haj and Umrah companies in a single company with a capital of SR 150 million. “The idea is not feasible. The single company will impose a hegemony on all domestic services, which is not a good thing to do,” he said.

The Haj company owners are expected to ask the minister in their first meeting with him to enable them to work also in the sector of Umrah, to allot them months in advance locations at the holy sites, and to announce the names of the companies qualified to work for the Haj services.


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