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Russian Supreme Mufti emphasized the important role of Russia for the whole world

Ufa, July 5, 2022

The head of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, Talgat Tadzhuddin, noted the exceptional role of Russia in world history, Islam.ru website reports.

“For many centuries in Europe, and then in the whole world, not a single problem was solved without Russia. And it can never be solved! Especially now, in the general chaos that the United States. Apparently, they really planned to reach the “golden billion”, and plunge the rest of humanity into the abyss of war. The governments of these countries are playing the role of antichrist!” - said the Supreme Mufti in Saransk at the conference “Islam in the multicultural space of Russia: a thousand-year tradition of friendship and good neighborliness.”

According to the mufti, if we do not resist the enemies of Russia, “if we close our eyes and pretend that everything is fine, we are to lose a lot in the next decade.”

“Young people born after 1991 do not know the past century well. They are cut off from it. School textbooks have been changed beyond recognition, in fact, the cultural space has been seized,” Tadzhuddin said.

In his opinion, today the first duty is to recreate the great fraternal union of the peoples of Russia, Eurasia and, perhaps, the whole world.



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