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Russian president signs law imposing prison terms for extremist calls

Russia’s State Duma

Source : ITAR-TASS / 01 Jul

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that imposes prison terms for sponsoring extremism and for inciting extremist activities on the internet.

The document, adopted by Russia’s State Duma June 20 and approved by the Federation Council June 25, was posted on the official website for legal information on Monday.

The law introduces a new article to the Penal Code which envisages penalties for “providing or collecting funds or for rendering financial services knowingly intended for sponsoring attempts to organize, prepare and perpetrate at least one of the extremist crimes or for supporting the activities of an extremist community or an extremist organization”.

This offence will be penalized with a fine ranging from 300,000 rubles to 500,000 rubles (approximately $9,000-15,000) or a ban on holding certain posts or engaging in certain activities for up to three years or by compulsory work for up to 200 hours or correctional work for a period from one year to two years or by imprisonment for up to three years.

If an offence is committed using one’s official position, the maximum punishment will be six years in prison.

The guilty person will be relieved from criminal responsibility if he or she helps to prevent or stop the crime he or she sponsored or helps to stop the activities of an extremist community or an extremist organization.

The law also provides criminal penalties in the form of compulsory labor or imprisonment for up to five years for public calls for extremist activities made not only in the mass media (as now) but also on the Internet.

The law provides for seizure of property obtained through committing extremist crimes.




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