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Russian Islamic Universities start a new subject

Kazan, August 20, 2019

A new subject called “Civil Ethnocultural Identity of Russian Muslims” will appear in Islamic educational institutions of the Russian Federation this year. The program of the subject includes the study of national and religious identity and patriotic education.

 “On July 29, at the meeting of the Russian Council on Islamic Education we discussed the educational standards. We have added a new subject concerned with the identity and patriotic education. It is most relevant for educational institutions of the Caucasus, less - for central Russia”, - the correspondent of Realnoe Vremya conveys the words of Rafik Mukhametshin, the chairman of the Council on Islamic Education of the Russian Federation.

Mukhametshin also added that the madrasah students will have the new subject for 32-hours and the university students for 72 hours.

“It is very important to know how Muslim identity is associated with nationality and language”, he emphasized. – “The subject will describe the life of Muslims in Tsarist Russia and Soviet times as the believers are more interested in their history nowadays”.


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