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Russian and US Muslims Strengthen Cooperation

Washington, December 9, 2019

Delegation of Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia headed by Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov made a working visit to the United States from December 2 to 9, 2019. During the meetings with representatives of religions, public organizations and scientific community, they considered issues of preventing pseudo-religious extremism, combating international terrorism, strengthening inter-religious dialogue and implementing significant social projects aimed at working with youth and migrants.

On December 6 Russian Muslim clergy came to Washington, where they visited Islamic Center ADAMS and the International Interfaith Peace Corps. Here they had a meeting with the head of these organizations, Sheikh Muhammad Majid. Following the meeting, the parties signed cooperation agreement. This document is another important step in building a fruitful interaction with fellow believers living abroad.

During his speech on Friday prayer, the Mufti of Moscow, the head of Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Albir Hazrat Krganov, greeted the parishioners on behalf of Muslims of Russia and noted that “Islam is strong with its gentleness and meekness, and excessiveness, rigidity and extremeness can destroy our faith from the inside, and that helps the enemies of Islam to demonize the image of our religion. We adhere to the path of moderation and urge others to follow the path of mutual understanding, cooperation, respect and solidarity.”

On December 7 at the invitation of Muhammad Bashir Arafat the delegation visited  the “Fund for Civilizational Exchange and Cooperation”.


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