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Quba Mosque to be expanded

The Quba Mosque in Madinah.

Source : News Agencies | 11 Jan 2012

Madinah Gov. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Majed on Tuesday announced plans to develop Quba, Meeqat and King Abdul Aziz Civilization Center.

"Appropriation of land for implementing the projects will cost SR200 million in the first phase," the governor said, adding that the projects would be carried on the basis of studies conducted by consultancy offices.

He said the new projects would include expansion of Quba Mosque, establishment of gates at the entrances of Madinah and services to meet the requirements of Madinah people and visitors.

The Quba Mosque (Quba' Masjid or Masjid al-Quba, Arabic: مسجد قباء) in the outlying environs of Medina in Saudi Arabia, is first mosque built in the history of Islam and was built as soon as Muhammad arrived on the Hijra. Its first stones were positioned by the prophet Muhammad [pbuh] on his emigration from the city of Mecca to Medina and the mosque was completed by his companions.

According to Islamic tradition, offering two rakaʿāt of nafl prayers in the Quba Mosque is equal to performing one Umrah.

Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] used to go there, riding or on foot, every Saturday and offer a two rak'ah prayer. He advised others to do the same, saying, "Whoever makes ablutions at home and then goes and prays in the Mosque of Quba, he will have a reward like that of an 'Umrah." This hadith is reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah and Hakim al-Nishaburi.


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