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Putin urged the Russian Muslims to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr at home

Moscow, May 18, 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin called upon the Muslims of the country to heed the muftis and celebrate the Eid ul-Fitr (Uraza-Bairam) holiday at home, as well as to refuse congregational prayers and the tradition of gathering on the festive day.

“I know that people in this republic are very devoted to the customs and celebration of this holiday. At the same time I hear that the Muslim clergy urges believers to celebrate this holiday at home, so as to abandon congregational prayers and gathering of big companies”, told the Russian leader during the meeting with the authority and public representatives of Dagestan Republic. “I hope that the believers will heed the call”, Putin said.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin expressed concern about the spread of coronavirus infection in the region. According to experts, the disease obtained serious consequences due to the fact that residents of the republic did not seek help in time and treated the disease at home as well. “Despite all the efforts of doctors and nurses, the number of tragic accidents is increasing, including among the medical workers themselves. Moreover, the people say that they are deprived of timely necessary medical care”, noted the Russian leader.


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