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Prospects of Islamic law discussed in North-Caucasus

Nalchik, November 27, 2019

An international scientific and practical conference “Islamic legal culture in modern Russia: current state and prospects” was held in Nalchik this week, RIA “Kabardino-Balkaria” reported.

Conference gathered representatives of centralized religious organizations, government authorities and experts to discuss the current state and prospects of Islamic law in the Russian Federation. The seminar was organized by the Muslim Religious Administration of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and the Fund for the Support of Islamic Culture, Science and Education.

“According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, every citizen has the right to freedom of religion. There is also Islamic law that regulates the norms in the life of Muslims. Today we want to consider the topical issue and urge the society not to oppose civil law of the Russian Federation to Islamic law. We try to convey to people, to all religious leaders, that Islamic law is not something that contradicts the constitution of the Russian Federation, rather it is something that can improve the lives of our people”, said the chairman of the Muslim Religious Administration of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Khazrataly Dzasezhev.

The conference was attended by representatives of state authorities, religious and public figures, muftis from Central Asia, Muslim representatives from Arab countries, scientists and educators.


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