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A prisoner of the Almaty airport

Muhammad Al Bahish arrived in the country to marry his sweetheart.

Source : / 18 June 2013

A curious incident occurred in Kazakhstan. Palestine resident became a prisoner of Almaty Airport, within three months of being in the transit area of the air harbor, Mir 24 news agency reports.

Muhammad Al Bahish arrived in the country to marry his sweetheart. However, overdue visa made him a hostage of legal conflicts.

Now a Palestinian man lives in a room of 6 square meters in the international hall. His baggage consists of the Koran and a small backpack with clothes. The service of the airline supply him food products, he takes a shower in the department of the terminal.                                                                                                  

"I have all the conditions, I have free three meals a day, I have the opportunity to wash. The only negative aspect is my room. It is very small, has no windows and now my vision is very deteriorated, it is impossible to take a walk and get some fresh air. But it does not depend on the employees, but the law, "- says Muhammad

Muhammad Al Bahish wanted to get refugee status in Kazakhstan in order to solve this difficult visa situation. However, he was denied the request, as he formally came from a country where there is no war, and, therefore, has no right to seek refuge.

Palestinian appealed the decision, and now hopes that the judiciary will satisfy it and he will finally be able to reunite with his beloved.



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