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Policemen saved drowning person in Makhachkala

Employees of the 1st regiment of Patrol and Guard Service Raul Sultanov and Ali Abakarov while conducting a courtyard detour of the site assigned to them, rushed to help a drowning man in Makhachkala, Dagestani capital.
Local resident Zoya Huseynova ran towards the police car with shouts of help. As it turned out, a man fell into the canal in the courtyard, and the current carried him under the bridge, which complicated the situation. After an independent attempt to save the man, she saw the police car passing in the yard.
As the victim Arzon Amirov says, he himself saved life of men who were drowning in the sea more than once, but he never thought that he himself would get into such a situation.
According to him, swimming skills did not help to cope with the current, and long attempts to stay afloat weakened him. "I clambered over the concrete as I could, scratching my legs and arms, but I could not get out. I owe these guys my life," the rescued man said. 
The leadership of the law enforcement body is likely to present the heroes for the award. "All the police are trained in first aid. In a critical situation, they always show skill and try to save a person. Although this is not their direct duty," Press Service Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Ruslan Ibrahimgadzhiev said.

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