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Pilgrims relieved after second day of stoning

Makkah (Mecca) & Hajj (Pilgrimage)/

Source:By SYED FAISAL ALI | ARAB NEWS/Nov.8/2011

MINA: Pilgrims performed the stoning of the Satan ritual, chanting “Labbaik” for the second day on Monday and returned to their tents in Mina to relax after a hectic day.


They will repeat the ritual again Tuesday. Since morning pilgrims started descending on the Jamarat Complex from all sides and moved toward the three pillars symbolizing Satan.

Security personnel kept a constant vigil on pilgrims’ movement from the ground as well as from helicopters in the sky. The arrangements were so elaborate and organized that the second day of stoning ritual was also very smooth, organized and incident-free.

“We did not face any difficulty and performed the stoning in an exceptionally smooth and organized manner. It was so easy that we were able to capture the whole thing in our cameras for quite long,” said Jamal Mohammad Ahmad Sayeed, a colonel from the Sudanese Army.

Ahmad Raza, who performed the rituals with his mother and sister, said: “I was very worried about the safety of my family, my mother is old and sick. But thanks to the new Jamarat facilities, all of us performed the ritual without any problem at all. It was smooth and very satisfying.”

A pilgrim from Bihar, Farhat Ahmad, was equally happy with the arrangements, particularly at the Jamarat. “I have come with my daughter, Fauzia, who is a doctor, and had instructed her to be with me all the time during the stoning period. This is my second Haj and I have seen the rush at the old Jamarat Bridge, but was amazed to see the new magnificent complex there. Now even a small child can do this ritual without anybody’s help. It’s so big, safe and modern,” she said.

Squatters and pilgrims with baggage have been effectively checked this year, which resulted in the smooth passage of hundreds and thousands of pilgrims from all over Mina to the Jamarat Complex.

Security personnel were in full action and politely told pilgrims with baggage to keep their belongings at camp and then go for the ritual. However, they were strict in dealing with pilgrims carrying mats and tarpaulin tents and were confiscating such items immediately.

“We are taking away mats and tents so that they do not sit on the roadside to cause inconvenience to pilgrims’ movement,” said Abdullah Al-Zahrani, a police official.

Al-Zahrani said that as of now no incident has been reported from any part of the tent city. “Traffic movement is smooth and organized and pilgrims performed the stoning ritual comfortably without any fear or anxiety.”


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